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Supported Birth and Beginnings Package

2 hour Prenatal Visit: Prepare your birth plan, discuss options, desires, and concerns.

1 hour Prenatal Visit: prenatal movement and breathwork session to prepare you for birth and maximize chance of baby’s optimal birthing position. 

Labor Support: In-person starting at active labor.

​Postpartum Support: Up to 2 hours post birth to assist with first latch, processing, clean up, and taking photos of your new family.

1 hour Postpartum Visit: Home visit to reflect on birth, assist with postpartum healing, assist with breastfeeding needs, organization, and any other concerns.


6 Week Check in: A phone call to touch base and see if there is any further assistance or resources needed.

Contact us today for more information on packages and detail services.
We reply to all inquires within 24 hours.

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